Interview with Nanshakh

At the request of Nanshakh, all examples of his art (including the art he sent to me) has been deleted from this blog.
The interview has also been removed.


7 Notes Interview with Nanshakh

  1. Interesting. His work is very good. You should get Nanshahk to do a book with you.

  2. Yes, a great artist.His work is awesome

  3. Yes; I agree with Sean. I thing the two of you would make a brilliant team. How about it, Carmenica?

  4. not into being trampled bt with such a mistress looking on and her sub doing the deeds i just might lie down and take it-whih is much what i mean by erotic scenarios which really do work to stir the mind and add tothe executiuon (ooops?)

  5. Quite the fantasy here!

  6. A truly great artist. I was interested to hear his history and artistic inspiration.

  7. I love this. From one point of view, she is vulnerable. Naked – apart from boots, gloves, and whip. From another, she is completely safe – except from the tremendous feelings that will flood into her when she begins to work with the whip. This will be the first time she has whipped men from the front, and she is looking forward to it very much. For one thing it will help her to develop her aim. Cock and balls, even when stiff do not make a large target. Mmmmm!