The Executive Floor -Short Story. (Redux)

I didn’t hear him at first!

Far too busy undoing his belt and pulling his trousers down around his ankles.

Then his underpants.

Pale blue with a dark waistband. It was obvious that a woman purchased the stylish garment for him as, judging by his appalling tie; he had no fashion sense at all.

His arse looked white and vulnerable and then he mumbled again.

I leaned over him, lips close to his ear.

‘Did you say something?’

His face was mashed against the desktop, thinning hair tousled and the tips of his ears were red.

Blushing from shame.

Or fear.

Hopefully, both.

How very nice!

‘Don’t,’ he croaked.

‘You don’t mean that,’ I chuckled.

‘No. I do. Please…don’t…’

I folded the hem of his suit jacket back over his waist, revealing the bright orange lining. Another example of his terrible taste. Continue reading

Pouting Prudence

‘This is nice,’ Prudence purred, wriggling against me in the front seat of the car.
It was very nice indeed. Continue reading

The Mask Parts 1 – 5

Part 1.The Mask Virus

‘Goodnight, Professor Rhodes.’

‘Goodnight Lois,’ I replied without looking up from the monitor screen as the last lab assistant finally left. I was always the last civilian to leave the complex; I guess the others had families to go home to, and I didn’t. I have been married to my work ever since I left medical school. Continue reading

The Mask Parts 6 – 9

Part 6  Country Doctor

Once I had moved all my clothes in and Eleanor had stocked the pantry, that rambling old house felt like home, especially after I cleaned the house and moved some plants in. The town made me very welcome and when I went for my morning run before breakfast, I was constantly waving back to people along the whole route. Continue reading

Cling Wrap

‘Let’s get you all hard and slick,’ my wife said in a sultry voice as her fingers lightly ran over my straining cock.

It was so difficult, so terribly frustrating for me, my own private hell.

‘Tickle, tickle,’ Marjorie said, using her long plum coloured fingernails to brush under my cock, making me moan into the gag. Continue reading

The Tease

‘How are you today?’ Alice asked as she closed the door behind her.

‘Please,’ I said thickly, ‘I…’

‘Hush,’ she said softly, placing her bag on the table and walking to the kitchen. Continue reading


She stretched like a plump cat, then extended a leg so she could look critically at her toe nails.

‘I think, darling, I should teach you to prepare and paint my nails.’ Continue reading


His fingers trembled when he picked up the telephone and began to dial the number. Her number!

It had been three weeks, three weeks of trying to regain control, of attempting to withdraw from her illicit web of fantasy. Oh, he had tried to be strong, to resist it but the lure of his forbidden fantasy nagged at him and his resolve crumbled like stale cake. Continue reading

The Other Woman

I don’t mind being the other woman.

It has certain benefits and none of the irritating male problems that come with marriage. Continue reading