Femdom Foot Tease

Originally from the Young Dommes site which is, apparently, no longer active.


Stocking Glimpse

Source: Only Tease
Interesting wrist tattoo.

Mistress in Control

Origin unknown but she does appear pleased about the situation.


The Loving Mistress
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What a Kick!

Impressive! I have no idea if this was staged or not. Judging by their reactions, I guess not. Bend it like Beckham!

Mature Dominant

Teasing Mistress

Stacy Adams from Leg Sex in control.

Sensual Wind

Photo by Andre de Dienes. He was noted for his work with Marilyn Monroe and his nude photography.
”De Dienes took many of the Monroe’s most famous early photographs as ‘Norma Jeane,”‘ including those of her climbing a hillside in khakis and green sweater, and sitting on the highway, as well as the shots on Tobay Beach in August 1949. … Those pictures of Marilyn in a bathing suit recall the art picture, but they also subvert the pinup, in being far more active, playful, even romping, than the usually static pinup girl.” (Sarah Churchwell)