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Carmenica Diaz Fetish eBooks


Who is Carmenica Diaz?

Carmenica Diaz writes erotic fiction that is either hard and nasty or soft and tender, depending on her moods.

Ms Diaz commenced writing at the urging of close friends and now has a substantial following of loyal readers.

She has published a great deal of work under the pen name Carmenica Diaz as well as lesbian romance as Jacqueline Pouliot. (More information in her biography as well as interviews)

Her work is plainly erotic and/or romantic. She has gained a reputation for female domination tales involving male chastity and subjugation.

Ms Diaz has been publishing books since 2004 and has produced many FemDom classics as well as many Transgender Romance and Lesbian Romance e-Books which are loved by many readers.

She is the author of Female Domination stories favoured by those fans of sensual and fluid writing with realistic characters.

As one fan has said it is the dialogue that makes the story comes alive. It is easy to imagine yourself in such an erotic situation!

Comments from readers are welcome on the blog. Comments are not moderated. Just do not annoy her with prejudice or spam.

NOTE: This website/blog is clearly NSFW and not for anybody under the legal age! Or those with closed minds.

If you are open minded,  legal adult who appreciates art and literature in all forms, welcome.

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Carmenica Diaz is the Mistress of Fetish & Female Domination Fiction with over ninety novels published! Carmenica Diaz specialises in stories of female domination with a special emphasis on enforced male chastity, humiliation, cuckolding and other forms of FemDom literature.

Carmenica Diaz has also written many classic transgender novels, mainly transgender romance, although Carmenica Diaz has published several forced femme novels in the Forced Into Stockings series.

The webpage and blog is updated daily with Femdom Art, Erotic Art, Kulturschlag, Fetish Peeks and free FemDom Stories.

FemDom Books published by Carmenica Diaz include: A Different Marriage, Addicted to Sally, A Little Spice, Andrea, Betrayed, Birthday Boy, Chaste Cuckold, Confessions of a Cuckold, Cruel Ryoko, The Dickson Device, Enslaved, Futureworld1:Lingerie Drone, Goddess Carly, Her Kinky Side, Madame Xan, Mrs Needham, Natural Selection, Personal Assistant, Body snatch

Sentenced to Chastity, Shared Mistress, The Submissive Husband, The Vacation, A Wicked Web, A Woman Scorned, The Cage, Christmas With Megan, Entrapment, Milked!, Voyeur, Diary of a Chaste Husband, Plastered!, Weekend Slave, The Mistress Next Door, Fidelity, A Henpecked Husband, A Different Marriage, The Loving Mistress, Modern Slavery, Office Chastity, Mirror, Mirror, The Star Society, Village Life, Cruel Women, Tough Love, The Maya Twins, Bound, Toys, The Humiliation of Claudia, Kryztal, Maid To Serve, Owned by Stacy, The Possession of Emma, Property of Stacy, The Seduction of Charity, Shame.

Transgender Books published by Carmenica Diaz Include: Other Shoes, The Alchemy Series, Avenging Annie, Body Double, Both Sides Now, Catherine Lawrence, Dreamsome, Elizabeth Grey, Madeline Ryan, Searching For Jim, Second Chance, Body Snatch, An Unconventional Girl, The Boyfriend, Honey, Space Angel, Suzie Wang, The Secretary

Collections of short stories published by Carmenica Diaz Include: Erotic Episodes,All the Dominant Wives, Best of Carmenica Diaz, Dominant Wives 1, Dominant Wives 2, Dominant Wives 3, Dominant Wives 4, Dominant Women, Erotic Episodes, Lana and Other Stories, Teasing Tales, Wicked Women

Adult Comics published by Carmenica Diaz Include: Black & White, The Break Up, Captured By Julia, Callisto, Chastity Tease, The Cuckold's Tale 1, The Cuckold's Tale 2, Literary Service, Perfect Strangers, Play Total Control 1, Play Total Control 2, Trixie

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